Financing Insurance Premiums
made simple and affordable

Financing Insurance Premiums made simple and affordable

Bringing insurance intermediaries, customers, insurers, and lenders together to FINANCE INSURANCE through easy monthly installments without any need for additional collateral.

Digital Process

End-to-end digital process removes the need for physical presence or documentation. Get premium financed in under 5 mins.

Multiple Insurance

All general insurance types like motor, health, fire, homeowners, group mediclaim, and health multi-year can be easily financed.

Low Interest Rate

Competitive interest rate helps even the best customers choose premium financing options and buy adequate insurance.

No collateral security

No need for proof of income or additional collateral security of any kind is required from the customers to avail loan.


Here is why insurance companies trust Finsall

Finsall is an honest partner to the insurance ecosystem; we pledge never to sell insurance policies. This enables us to be a trusted partner for insurers and their sales channels. Now premium financing can be offered within the insured’s purchase flow, all of this by integrating one simple API.


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Here is how Finsall simplifies customer’s experience -

Removing budget constraints
Paperless process
Easy EMI calculator
Quick Approvals
On call support
Differentiated offering

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to some of the most pertinent questions

Your existing customers typically would understand the need of insurance and value it already. However, because of their budget constraints they might still be under-insured. Those customers can now be provided appropriate insurance as they would need to pay much lesser amount upfront. Providing premium financing to your existing customers will also help in improving retention as in the subsequent years the customers will request for similar services.

Finsall's approach of helping customers meet their premium payment obligation is an innovative approach a s it addresses the initial hick-ups of the proposer. Insurance premium financing can be very helpful in attracting new customers segments, where certain types of insurance products can now become relevant because of financing options.
Insurance premium financing specially helps for products which the customer’s realize the need of insurance but still don’t budget for it. Please get in touch with us to know how you can target new customer segments and products.

Finsall will never sell insurance policies. The intent is simple we want to be the trusted partner with the existing insurance sales channels and not become a competition. In accordance to the above, we have not taken any license (agency / broking) and in future also we will only concentrate on financing of insurance.