Structuring & Operationalizing Insurance Programs

In the growth story of a nation, all its constituents contribute to and share the benefits that the growth brings in. But, more often, the reality presents a scenario where majority population remains untouched by the growth. To address the excluded, governments, development organizations, NGOs, international agencies and corporates undertake initiatives in the areas of healthcare, disability and income protection. Some of these initiatives are insurable in nature.

Likewise, employers offer insurance protection to their employees to meet their legal obligations. Some employers also use insurance as a value proposition to attract and retain talent. Though off-the-shelf insurance products may meet the immediate insurance requirements of such employers, we believe that a host of innovative solutions, customized to client-specific requirements, can be developed keeping in view the healthcare requirements and the rising cost of health insurance in India.

From blueprint to implementation, through our services in the areas of products, processes, provider-networking, operations, monitoring & evaluation, and capacity building, we aim at efficient delivery and long term sustainability of such programs. Our offerings include

    • Review of non-insurance programs for determining their insurability
    • Field Research for identification of needs and risk-profiling of the target groups
    • Structuring insurance programs
    • Broad pricing inputs
    • Logistics & Operations plans
    • Interlocution and advisory on the use of technology
    • Developing and drafting of EOI, RFP, SLA, MoU and SOPs
    • Demand / Supply-side plans and estimates
    • Credentialization of service providers
    • Capacity building
    • IEC Plans
    • Mid-stream and End-of-the stream reviews

It is our privilege to be empanelled by the Ministry of Labour & Employment, Government of India as a Support Agency for implementation of its flagship Public Insurance program. (Click Here)